_ Contemplative Space

The Contemplative Space provides times and spaces for you to explore what it means to live deeply and meaningfully — through sacred conversations and spiritual practices.

You may be looking to grow in love and grace, recognise and respond to divine nudges, desiring sanctuary or seeking a rhythm of life that is integrated and healthy. If something here resonates with you, and you are looking for accompaniment on your spiritual journey — I invite you to engage in spiritual direction and use the prayer resources.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a practice of companionship and accompaniment. Through conversation, prayer and contemplation it provides space for you to grow in awareness of the Spirit and intimacy with God.

The practice of spiritual direction, in this context, flows out of Christian tradition — with its source found in Jesus.  It is indebted to monastic spirituality, particularly in regards to contemplative prayer, silence and meditation. Find out more on the Spiritual Direction‘ page.

Introducing Jonny

I’ve been trained in the art of spiritual direction with Sustainable Faith in Amsterdam. I live in Nottingham, UK with my wife and two teenage children. For the last two decades, I have been designer, artist and lecturer and I have served and lead groups in a local church context. The Contemplative Space results from my passion to serve others through spiritual accompaniment and formation resources. Find out a little more in the ‘About’ section.