During Lent, I engaged in an online retreat lead by the writer Brian Draper. As part of that time, this reflection entered my email inbox one morning: “The Hebrew word used to describe God’s compassion – raham – also means ‘womb’.” — This short phrase caught my imagination and tugged at my heart. I spent the next half an hour dwelling on that interplay of words, as I drew this image. I was reminded of the way my wife had suffered with the pregnancies of our two children — resulting in her being hospitalised during both those times. I also considered how God’s compassion for us, is a nurturing mother-like compassion. And then this thought began to form as we headed toward Holy Week:

compassion meaning
to suffer
together with

This drawing and its process is a meditation on compassion. As I returned to the image at the end of Lent I responded with these words:

life unfolding
held in

And now in this week following Resurrection Sunday, I think again — the nurturing womb — compassion meaning to suffer together with… — the place from which new life is bought into the world.

These practices of creative activity can become for us spiritual spaces were we are connected to a larger reality.