Spiritual Direction

Through companionship and accompaniment, spiritual direction provides a quiet, prayerful space, for you to discern the activity of the Spirit in your life, explore your experience of God and respond to divine invitations.

A spiritual director seeks to help others recognise the nature and pattern of their spiritual life; through questions, prayerful listening, silence and other spiritual practices. The role is not one of advice giving; rather, it is contemplative and open, with a focus on listening and responding to you and your experience of God.

The heritage of spiritual direction

Spiritual direction can be found in many faiths and religions. I have been trained as a spiritual director within the context of the Christian tradition, with a wealth of influences: ancient and contemporary. The practice can be traced back throughout church history and is significantly shaped by the contemplation of Jesus.

Does this mean you need to: ‘have a faith’ or ‘a particular belief’ in order to receive spiritual direction? Not necessarily — we always start where you are and there is space to explore how you are being drawn onward in your spiritual life. Your faith maybe seasoned or burgeoning; you may feel like you’re thriving or that your faith is failing. What ever time of life you find yourself in, I have confidence that you are graciously embraced by divine Love.

Finding a spiritual director

There are many spiritual directors around the world; they can be discovered through personal recommendation, regional and church-diocese lists and on spiritual direction network websites.  If you wish to enquire meeting with me to discuss regular spiritual accompaniment — please get in touch (there is a contact from below).

Connecting with a spiritual director

Before considering embarking on regularly meeting with a spiritual director, it is helpful to engage in an initial introductory meeting. This conversation (usually 1 hour and free of charge) gives opportunity for you to share a bit of your story and get a sense of what spiritual direction would be like. There is also opportunity for you know a little more about the person who would be accompanying you on this journey.

Following that initial connection, if you decide spiritual direction is something you want to continue with, you can agree times when regular conversations can take place. I tend to meet with directees for 1 hour every four to six weeks.

Practicalities concerning regular spiritual direction

There are some spiritual directors around who are able to provide free sessions, whilst many will charge for their time. Spirituality, like air, is free. However — whilst my hope to freely express divine grace in every interaction, I am not able to offer long term spiritual accompaniment gratis. Click here for details of costs for regular meetings; we can work out a frequency that fits your schedule and means.

Costs per session (1 hour)





2018 introductory discount:

Those willing to pay for 3 sessions at once, can take advantage of the introductory discount of £15 — i.e. concessions paying for for 3 sessions with one payment will pay £75 (reduced from £90)

Usually, the spiritual direction conversations I facilitate take place at my home (in Sherwood, Nottingham). I also see people for online appointments (on Skype, FaceTime or Zoom).


Please get in touch to enquire about meeting me for spiritual direction or further details

Practicalities for delayed appointments

A certain level of organisation and structure helps facilitate these sessions. Please do bear in mind these practicalities: it is expected that you will attend appointments on time; if you do find you are running late, in order to honour the following appointments, we will usually end approximately at the scheduled time. In the event where you do need to cancel an appointment, please give a day’s notice (by text, email of contact form). These details enable the practice of spiritual direction to be sustainable and nurturing for all participants.