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Meet Jonny Norridge

I live in Nottingham, with my wife and two teenage children.  I’m in my early forties and for the last two decades I have been a designer, artist and lecturer, whilst raising our children. This continues to be the ‘work of my hands’ alongside my work in spiritual direction.

A good week for me includes: good conversation; physical exercise; good food and drink shared with those close to me; time to sit with a book, music or a good film; time for prayer and silence; and time for creative expression. (Visit jonnynorridge.com for details on my work in art and design.)

I formally began offering spiritual direction to individuals in 2015 during my training. This built on many years of exploring, teaching and creating spaces for prayer and spiritual formation.

Background and Upbringing

I was bought up in Oxfordshire, with parents who were pastors and four brothers. I am fortunate to be surrounded by family who inhabit the worlds of education, medicine, law, charitable-enterprise, theology, science, church leadership and service. This is not the space to go through the various seasons of my life; save to say, there have been many joys, losses, challenges and graces. All this plays a part in my formation and understanding of what a Christlike life looks like and shaping my desire to live compassionately, contemplatively and creatively.

Associations, networks and affiliations

I received my training with Sustainable Faith‘s School of Spiritual Direction. Sustainable Faith have many schools around the world — my training was in Amsterdam. I continue to engage in supervision with that cohort. I am involved with the team facilitating the formation of new spiritual directors within the UK and Ireland (resulting in a good number of directors now serving within Vineyard Churches UK&I). I also connect with spiritual directors in the local diocese, and benefit from their on going support days. [More details on my formational training here.]

For two decades, I have served and led within various teams and small groups in the life of Trent Vineyard, Nottingham. This has included roles with compassion and poverty alleviation, creative expressions of prayer and worship, teaching, spiritual formation, meditation, prayer, pastoral care, and hospitality.

Before and above all these connections, relationships and affiliations, I seek to live simply as a faithful follower of Jesus — attentive to the Spirit — open to the Presence of God.

If you wish to explore spiritual direction, or have another enquiry please get in touch.

You can connect with me, Jonny Norridge, on twitter, instagram or by and using the form below.