Journaling, self-reflection & preparing for spiritual direction

Spending time in self reflection can play a significant role in your spiritual journey. It can also be helpful before meeting for spiritual direction. A regular practice of journaling can provide a space for you to record your spiritual journey — recording your prayers, requests, interior movements and insights Self-reflection can also help when deciding what to… Continue reading Journaling, self-reflection & preparing for spiritual direction

Unresolved and incomplete

Many circumstances in life put us in close contact with things that are unresolved and incomplete. It could be a work task, a move from one place to another, a relational disagreement. These things are part of the fabric of our lives, and often uncomfortable realities we face. Not only do we live with unresolved… Continue reading Unresolved and incomplete

Spiritual direction is it like counselling or coaching?

Many people when first hearing about spiritual direction wonder how it compares to counselling/therapy and coaching. Each of these practices are so valuable and there are some similarities between them. You will notice that all three place an emphasis on conversation and intentional listening. In each case, the process is assisted by the host asking you… Continue reading Spiritual direction is it like counselling or coaching?

Eastertide meditation

There’s something about hearing the things of God in another language which warms my soul, touches my heart and expands my vision. It reminds me that I do not have the monopoly on God with my small understanding of the world. So it was a blessing to see this beautiful video meditation (with its use of… Continue reading Eastertide meditation

Who we are to become

Rowan Williams’ Silence and Honey Cakes is a joy to read and a real source of wisdom. He encourages to engage in the “patient, long-term discovery of what grace will do” to us. It is a work that “requires the kind of vulnerability to each other that can only come with the building up of trust… Continue reading Who we are to become

To become aware

I love Eugene Peterson’s response to this question: “What does it mean to experience all the material of our lives as a an act of faith?” That I’m responsible for paying attention to the Word of God right here in this locale. The assumption of spirituality is that always God is doing something before I… Continue reading To become aware

Lamb, bound

The following is a poetic reflection on the painting ‘Agnus Dei’ (1635-40) by Francisco de Zuburban. You, alone in the dark. You, crowned in light. You, slumped on the line where life meets death meets life. You, helpless, legs bound. With passive horns, lying in humility, demanding nothing. Me, still looking on. I, Judas. I,… Continue reading Lamb, bound