Spiritual Direction Training

I received my training with Sustainable Faith‘s School of Spiritual Direction. Sustainable Faith have many schools around the world — I spend two years with a cohort of fellow trainees in Amsterdam. If you are considering how you might become a spiritual director I recommend their schools.

If your interested on training as spiritual director, it is assumed you will have already a level of engagement with spiritual formation and ideally already have experience with meeting with a spiritual director yourself. Perhaps this is something you sense you need to consider first — in which case do consider courses like: the SF’s Primer, The School of Contemplative Life, Staying in the Vine, and Renovaré’s Book club.

How to be trained as a spiritual director

 If you have been the recipient of spiritual direction and you are now exploring what it would look like for you to serve in this art, I whole heartedly recommend Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction is an excellent 2 year training program. There are schools currently running in Northern America, the UK and Europe.

I’m so grateful to now be on the teaching team with Sustainable Faith. So I have the privilege of facilitating the formation of new spiritual directors in the UK and Europe. It a joy to see the growth of spiritual directors through to this work.