Spiritual Practices

As we engage in the spiritual life, there are a rich heritage of practices to draw on: from prayer and meditation, silence and solitude, to communal practices of service, worship and generosity.

There are now many sources of information concerning spiritual practices, prayer and formation. I’m thankful for places such as Renovaré , the Prayer-Course’s Toolshed and Sacred-Space — to name just a few. The following is a small selection of such practices (other items can be found in the journal archive)

Further notes & articles

Spiritual directors

If you are looking to meet with some one trained in spiritual direction, please do get in touch, there is a form and details below. It would be great to hear from you. If you are a director looking for supervision please contact me for details.

It could be that my location or availability mean that you would benefit from other options for spiritual accompaniment. I have many spiritual director friends around the world who I would happy recommend, including: Kaisa Stenberg-Lee, Kutsu Companions, (Denver, CO, USA); Melissa Mettler, at ReNew, (Portland, OR, USA); Elizabeth de Smaele, Deeper Devotion (Netherlands); Aleida & Monique, Roots, (Netherlands). For those in the UK, you could also consider contacting your local diocese who will have a list of spiritual companions. Vineyard Churches also have a list of well trained spiritual directors.


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