Supervision is a space for spiritual directors to tend to their self-care and personal formation as they seek to be soul companions to others. My hope is that these times are restorative and affirming as well as creating space to remember the core focuses and practices of our work.

Supervision can be an opportunity to bring up situations which have challenged, unsettled or confused you. It may be more subtle, and you simply notice lots of ‘inner noise’ or something just doesn’t sit right. Having said that, it can also be space to celebrate growth in your practice — this is also an important bit of supervision — to celebrate the good work God is doing through you and your work. “Significant movements and emotions”, which the contemplative reflection encourages to look for, can be positive movements of joy, delight and celebration — acknowledging and noticing these is as much apart of our growth as learning from what has been difficult.

My work in supervision sits along side my work in spiritual direction, and is part of my desire to nurture the formation of spiritual companions. I received my supervision in 2018 from LCSD, and I’ve been mentored in training and supervising directors by Elizabeth de Smaele (whilst leading Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction 2017–19).

Costs for individual supervision

£40 *concessions
£50 **standard

(Group supervision also available)

*concessions = for newly trained directors and those providing spiritual direction as a free service within VCUKI.

**standard = for establish directors with paying directees

Please get in touch to enquire about supervision:

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